About the project

The aim of the Tempting.Pro project is to help the teenage and adult Russian-speaking and English-speaking population understand such areas as finance, politics, economics, history, and business. We also write about technology, lifestyle, and learning.
Every day we tell what is happening in the world right now. To a large extent, we focus on leading Western sources.

Bigger is not better. In modern realities, there is a lot of information and it is sometimes especially difficult to find something valuable. We want you to have enough time to apply the acquired knowledge and new information in your studies, work, and daily life.
We try to narrate in a clear and interesting way, and we also want to learn new things together with you.

As you may have noticed, we use certain prompts for articles and news, in the form of three indicators: difficulty, average read time, and size. These parameters will help you learn a little about the text before reading it.

The difficulty has 3 options - A1 (the text will be understandable for a wide range of readers), B2 (the text will be understandable to those who are already familiar with this topic to some extent and have some information and knowledge) and C3 (complex text, mostly for people who probably understand this area).

The average reading time, as is clear from the name of the parameter, indicates the average time during which an article/news is read. This indicator will be useful for planning time, whether it is worth reading this text at the moment, you can immediately see how much time it will take. If time is limited, it will be possible to return to this text later.

The last parameter is size. The article size is divided into 3 options: Small (up to 400 words), Medium (up to 800 words), and Large (over 800 words). News size works the same way: Small (up to 150 words), Medium (up to 300 words), and Large (over 300 words).

Quick contact with us: info@tempting.pro

About edition

Managing Editor - Alexander Boltrukevich (alexbolt@tempting.pro)

News editor - Nikita Smirnov (nikita_smirnov@tempting.pro)

News editor - Alina Shvetsova (shvetsova_alina@tempting.pro)