How much does it cost to buy a private jet ticket?

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Some people love to fly and some don't, but it's worth recognizing that the plane is still the fastest way to get from one point to another.

The dream of many air travelers is to fly in a private jet and skip the standard checks at the common terminal. After all, what's not to like about skipping the long security lines, the hours of waiting in the common room, and enjoying the comfort that a private jet provides? Depending on your travel budget, you may be able to buy a private jet ticket for your next trip.

Flying in a private jet can actually be more affordable than you think. And if you fly at least 150 hours a year, private jets can be better than commercial jets in some cases.

Every year, the cost of flights fell slightly until the coronavirus had its say, because now many airlines and entire airports are on the verge of bankruptcy. But smaller companies that provide private jet services seem to be able to weather this crisis more easily.

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How much is a private jet ticket?

It's safe to say that most people don't have $1.4-20 million in their bank account to buy their own private jet. In addition to the initial purchase, the owner will need to pay the crew, buy fuel and perform ongoing maintenance, then this aircraft will need to be parked somewhere and pay for parking. A single blown tire can cost over $2,000 to replace. In general, owning a private jet is very expensive.

The most affordable way for most people is to simply buy a private jet ticket.

How much you pay depends on several factors:

- Flight duration
- Aircraft size
- Number of passengers
- Membership (yes or not)

You can save money by joining a private flight company by purchasing a membership (a kind of subscription) from them. Basic membership usually starts at $1,000 per month plus your charter fees.

There are enough players on the market in this industry, many of them even have their own mobile applications, where you can book a flight on a private jet with just a few clicks.

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We decided to use one of them to show the approximate average cost of a flight from different points.

Moscow — London

The average cost of such a flight is $4,590, since we do not have a membership, the ticket price was $395 higher. The flight will take 3 hours 30 minutes.

London — New York

Atlantic flights are naturally much longer and more expensive. A ticket can be purchased for $8,090. You will have to stay on the plane for 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Paris — Moscow

You can fly from the French capital to Moscow for $4,390. The flight time will be 3 hours 35 minutes.

Private jet ticket prices may vary from carrier to carrier. We used the services of XO powered by JetSmarter, which have an application on Google Play and the Apple Store, where you can see the cost of a ticket without even creating an account.


Flights within the country are much cheaper, for example in the USA, the New York - Los Angeles route can cost just over $ 2,000, and Miami - New York less than $ 800.

For some people, frequent flights in private jets are not a luxury, but rather provide flexibility and save time that would have to be spent on all the standard procedures at the airport when flying on a scheduled ship. Of course, you cannot go on such a flight without documents and with prohibited items, but in the VIP terminal, where there are not thousands of other travelers, everything happens much faster.

Taking into account the purchase of membership, various promotions and discounts (yes, this also happens in the private industry), the cost of flights may not seem so exorbitant.

Prepared by: Alexander Boltrukevich