How to become president in your own country?

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Surely, many of us are thinking about what path a person must go to become the president of his country. In the modern world, this path can be almost anything, there is no right pattern with which you can get to the coveted chair.

Only in the last several decades, humanity began to gradually move away from the model of the Monarchy, when almost all the supreme state power belonged to one person - the monarch, who in turn held this post for life. As a rule, the monarchy was hereditary, which means that after the death of the monarch, some closest relatives took his place. As can be understood from this condition, it was impossible for an ordinary person to join the struggle for the throne from the outside, the only way to get to power was to become a gray cardinal and lead the monarch in his interests, there were enough such cases in history.

In the modern world, the Monarchy was replaced by the Dictatorship, which in its current form came to our world after the French Revolution, at the same time a concept such as - the Republic was born. Most of the countries of our time appear just in the form of republics. This is a form of government in which there are concepts such as president, parliament, and elections. However, the republics that were swallowed by the dictatorship are nothing more than a monarchy, just in a modern look. When the so-called dictator seizes power in the country and does not give it to anyone. Until he reaches old age or allotted time, then he transfers power to his so-called successor (relative or person from the immediate environment).

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Everyone chooses which president to be. It all depends on the goals that this person pursues: to provide a comfortable life for himself and his surroundings, to receive fame and subsequent privileges, to leave his mark in history, and try to change something in this world or something completely different.

Let's look at the minimum parameters for “entering” the presidents, which are established by our society.


As you can easily guess, becoming a child president in the modern world is impossible. We all, of course, have heard about the activist Greta Tunberg, who flashes in the news no less than your president, but probably few people can imagine that, in the wake of her popularity, she could at the moment take the place of prime minister in her native country - Sweden (there is no president since the monarchy remains a form of government in Sweden) or at least to get the post of UN secretary-general, now this is simply unrealistic. In most countries, the age threshold for running for president is prescribed in the country's constitution. On average, this mark is in the region of 35 years.


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Most people set the United States as an example of how the state should be governed, how it is necessary to build branches of power, how to implement democracy, and conduct elections. Yes, the president’s election mechanism works like a Swiss watch, as if on a schedule, a new vote is held every 4 years for the head of the country and so far no one has been able to break this chain. There was one attempt, and then only in the photographic world, we are talking about US President Frank Underwood, from the series “House of Cards,” played by Kevin Spacey, but we all remember how this story ended.

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So, when it comes to running for president, money plays one of the most important roles. The presidential campaign is not cheap, all over the world. And if you take the United States as an example, then the cost of presidential campaigns cost millions of dollars. It is clear that people with great fortunes in a bank account are not always elected, so this money has to be found somewhere. As a rule, candidates turn to influential and wealthy families, clans, or individuals with a proposal to support their campaign in monetary terms. But no one will ever do anything for no reason, so in return, they will expect a “return service” from the future president. And how far this can go is known only to this narrow circle of people, everything can be limited to some kind of tax concessions, lobbying for certain laws and reforms, help to specific businesses, or it can reach the point of no return when the president is a real pocket toy in the hands of a wealthy cell of society.


It is worth recalling that presidents are not born, but become. By the time of his nomination, a person should have the corresponding experience and knowledge that not everyone possesses. Above we talked about age, and you can once again pay attention to it and note how important it is, because with age, our perception of the world changes, our views, thoughts, and, in general, our whole philosophy of life change. The post of the president should be occupied by an already formed person with an established worldview.

A certain education is of course greatly appreciated, but it is not a guarantee of election victory. Both actors and comedians became presidents, and such cases open up opportunities for people with completely different backgrounds in terms of education, their profession, or their last job.

If we take the post-Soviet space as an example, then there are no higher educational institutions with strong specialties in the field of politics, political science is mainly taught as a separate subject and for a very short time. Future presidents simply do not grow up on this stretch of the globe. Therefore, people have to leave for the necessary experience in Western countries.


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Establishing useful contacts and forming a large circle of communication is a separate art. And not everyone is capable of this, but it cannot be stated that an introvert cannot become a president, any person can step over himself to achieve any global goal.

“Right and suitable” people can greatly help the future candidate in his struggle for the presidency. Especially if they are public people, with their influence and their audience, because they can advance such a candidate. It is also impossible to discount media, good relations with the media can serve as a useful service for winning elections because the media still play a major role in shaping any opinion among electors.

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A good and competent program is extremely important. The candidate needs to focus not on how bad the current president is and current leadership are, he must turn the spotlight on himself and show what thoughts, ideas and plans he has, what changes he can make to improve the country's internal and external situation and provide a better life for their fellow citizens.

And one can almost certainly not do such a great job, therefore, finding the right team next to the candidate is no less important. A big plus would also be if the candidate is a member of a political party.

Personal life


For most presidents, thoughts about a future presidency appear not a year or two before the nomination, but from a young age. Therefore, they try to observe a certain lifestyle, trying not to make a lot of stupid, and sometimes even catastrophic mistakes. After all, then, the more so-called incriminating evidence your opponents will have, the less chance you will have of winning. There is no rule in big politics and the game can be very dirty, all the tools are used and you need to work on your weak points in advance, namely, minimize their number.

In our society, an adult, normal person is associated with family and children. Therefore, it is advisable for the future president to be married, in some countries it is even impossible to become a candidate without it. Also, having a wife/husband gives you certain bonuses in the eyes of voters. If one person believed in you and married you, then that already means something. And the first lady plays a rather large role in political, social, and everyday life. Any scandals on the love front will not add points to the future president in the ranking, but on the contrary, will lead to their loss.

Conspiracy theory

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To make it more interesting to live, let's leave a small place for Masons and the theory of elites. We will not talk about such an organization as the Fed and discuss how money is made in the modern world, this topic is for another discussion. And just include in the list a small concept that states that a certain small group of people governs the world and society. Which are essentially responsible for all large-scale events occurring on Earth.

And if we assume that the system, code, or anything else in the plane of which our world exists, it chooses which people are given to be the main characters of the human race (after all, there would be a lot of us and someone would have to manage us, without it there would be chaos) then everything is written above simply does not make any sense.

Leaders of modern countries

Let’s take a look at the example of several current presidents [and prime ministers] from different countries, and see with which baggage they have taken their offices.

Emmanuel Macron (France)

Photo: Ludovic Marin - AFP/Getty Images

Education: Philosophy (the University of Western Paris - Nanterre-la-Défense)

Career: Investment Banker, Minister of Economics, Industry and Digital Affairs

The age at which he became president: 40 years

Marital status: Married

Has he ever been a member of a political party: yes

Angela Merkel (Germany)

Photo: Reuters

Education: science, candidate of physical and chemical sciences (the University of Leipzig Karl Marx)

Career: Physicochemical scientist, statesman, and politician

Age at which she became chancellor: 51 years

Marital status: Married

Has she ever been a member of a political party: yes

Donald Trump (US)

Photo: AP

Education: Economics and Finance (Wharton Business School)

Career: entrepreneur

The age at which he became president: 71 years

Marital status: Married

Has he ever been a member of a political party: no

Hassan Rouhani (Iran)

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Education: jurisprudence, philosophy (the University of Tehran, Caledonian University in Glasgow)

Career: statesman, politician and Shiite theologian

The age at which he became president: 65 years

Marital status: Married

Has he ever been a member of a political party: yes

Salome Zurabishvili (Georgia)

Photo: Reuters

Education: Political Science (Paris Institute of Political Sciences, Columbia University)

Career: state and political activity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The age at which she became president: 66 years

Marital status: was married (widow)

Has she ever been a member of a political party: yes

Justin Trudeau (Canada)

Photo: Reuters

Education: pedagogy, linguistics (McGill University, University of British Columbia)

Career: teacher

The age at which he became Prime Minister: 44 years

Marital status: Married

Has he ever been a member of a political party: yes

Shinzo Abe (Japan)

Photo: Sputnik

Education: Political Science (Seikai University, University of Southern California)

Career: Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, state and political activities

The age at which he became Prime Minister: 58

Marital status: Married

Has he ever been a member of a political party: yes

President of Russian Federation

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Education: jurisprudence (St. Petersburg State University)

Career: State Security Committee Officer, State, and Politician

The age at which he became president: 47

Marital status: divorced

Has he ever been a member of a political party: yes

What does the ideal presidential candidate look like at the moment?

  • A man (yes, whoever says whatever, no matter what conversations and actions are taken to equality between men and women, frankly, it is still easier for a man to take the most important position in the country. And only relatively recently, some kind of shift in this direction began to occur, women began to receive the highest positions. We would like to believe that progress will develop even faster and soon gender identity, skin color, and other parameters will not play a role for voters)
  • Between ± 45-65 years old
  • Married preferably
  • Member of a political party
  • Has education in the field of political science, economics, law, finance, international relations, or at least in business and people management
  • Wealthy person
  • Has a wide circle of contacts and connections
  • Has its strong political agenda
  • Known enough to a wide range of people

Everyone can become a president, but this is the job that only 1 person gets out of all the other millions of people.

He will be president if he is not hanged until then. © Mark Twain

Prepared by: Alexander Boltrukevich