The US imposed sanctions on participants in «Nord Stream 2»

  • 19.01.2021 22:05

The outgoing administration of US President Donald Trump, on its last full day in power, imposed sanctions on the Russian pipe-laying vessel «Fortuna», which is involved in the construction of the «Nord Stream 2» gas pipeline, and against two vessels that, according to Washington, transported Venezuelan oil to the circumvention of existing sanctions.

Photo: Jens Büttner/TASS

Gazprom has already allowed the suspension or complete cancellation of the construction of Nord Stream 2 due to "political pressure".

The main impetus for the imposition of sanctions by the United States is that Europe may become overly dependent on Russian gas with a new pipeline. Instead, they offer the European side to buy their liquefied gas, which, of course, is more expensive than buying gas from the country from their continent.

Prepared by: Nikita Smirnov